About Us
In 1998 the residents of High Pointe subdivision petitioned to become the city's first public improvement district, or PID.  The special district, established by State statute, levies an additional assessment on all properties within specific boundaries.  Typically a percentage of the appraised value of the property, the assessment is reflected on the annual tax statement and confers a special benefit on definable parts of the improvement district.  Projects may include, but are not limited to:

    • landscaping, erection of fountains, distinctive lighting and signs
    • acquisition or construction of sidewalks, streets or other rights-of-way
    • establishment or improvement of parks
    • enhanced police patrol
    • mailbox replacement

The High Pointe PID, created October 13, 1998, has a current assessment of 0.10¢ per $100 valuation.
Example: Appraised value $250,000 ÷ $100 x 0.10¢ = $250 per year

The PID is governed by five to seven, at-large directors appointed by the Cedar Hill City Council to serve for a period of two years, subject to the terms and conditions of the City Council approved by-laws established for the district.