Spot Light On
It is our pleasure to shine the High Pointe  Spot Light On:  Ms. Delores Shaw.
Ms. Shaw, an active, delightful and self motivated member of the High Pointe Neighborhood, who has worked and served in our area for over 20 years.  
We asked Ms. Shaw a few questions about herself that we'd like to share with you.
What was the catalyst that inspired your passion for High Pointe Community?
My passion for High Pointe stems from the fact that this is my home. I want my home and community to be reflective of who I am as an individual. I want to recapture the beauty of HP when it was a new subdivision, maintain the property value, and ensure that it remains a safe community to raise families.
What are your plans for the future regarding HP?
My plans are to ensure that our community remains safe and beautiful? This entails partnering with the city to conduct Crime Watch Meetings and to ensure that Code enforcement violations are addressed.
What are some of your greatest accomplishments while serving on the PID board?
My greatest achievement while serving on the PID Board was to develop and submit a beautification proposal to the city for Bradford Park. The city adopted the proposal and we were able to implement it. The PID and the city shared the cost.
What are some of your greatest accomplishments while serving on the HP HOA?
Some of my greatest accomplishments were to work to have High Pointe selected as the Premiere Neighborhood in 2008; selected as the Most Active HOA in 2010; to sponsor a Crime Watch Meeting where there is standing room only in the High Pointe Elementary Library; to partner with High Pointe Elementary Character Club and collect over 280 canned goods for the High Pointe Food Pantry; and to sponsor a Neighbors Night Out where over 500 HP residents attended along with city officials.
What positions do you hold in the community?  (I know President of HOA and VP of PID) are there others?
No, I am very active in my sorority, but I do not hold an office. I still work and so the PID and the HOA is all that I manage at this time.
In your own words, please share your heart about serving the community and whatever else you’ll like for us to know.
I love working in my community and meeting our neighbors. I also love working with the city to ensure our community safety and maintain its beauty.
Please join us in congratulating Ms. Delores Shaw on a job well worthy of our SPOT LIGHT!